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University of Michigan Gay and Lesbian Scholarships

University of Michigan Gay and Lesbian Alumni Society Scholarships are gay and lesbian scholarships for the LGBT student who will be attending the U of M.

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Gay Scholarships from FFBC

A Gay Scholarships program from the First Friday Breakfast Club FFBC was created to improve the image of gay men through education.

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The Delaware Valley Legacy LGBT Scholarships

The Delaware Valley Legacy Fund offers assistance to groups and individuals in making and winning LGBT scholarships to strengthen the community through education.

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The Point Foundation National LGBT Scholarships

The Point Foundation understands the special challenges that LGBT students face which is why they established the Point Foundation National LGBT Scholarships.

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Team DC Student-Athlete Scholarship Program

If you live in the WA D.C. area and are active in an individual or team sport and you identify as LGBT apply for to Team DC Student-Athlete Scholarship Program.

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The LGBT Heart Scholarship Program

If you are an LGBT student who is pursuing at least a Master’s degree in a health profession, you could be a LGBT HEART Scholarship Program winner.

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The Audria Edwards Scholarship for LGBT

One such LGBT scholarship fund that needs your attention when you are seeking funding for your education is the Audria M. Edwards Scholarship Fund.

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The Dillenkoffer Endowment Lgbt Scholarship

If you are a lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender student, there are many LGBT financial aid scholarships open to you such as the Dillenkoffer Scholarship.

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Humanity in Action Fellowship Programs – Leading to LGBT Scholarships

Being a part of the HIA fellowships could eventually help you to win other LGBT scholarships that are offered throughout the LGBT community organizations.

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LGBT Scholarships from the Equity Foundation

The Equity Foundation fights inequality with education by offering LGBT scholarships for those who are gay.

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The Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies (CLAGS) LGBT Scholarships

Numerous LGBT scholarships that are available through the Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies CLAGS for lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender college students.

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Sapphire Fund Scholarships for LGBT

The Sapphire Fund works with the Independence Business Alliance Scholarships (IBA) Program to offer LGBT scholarships to those within the LGBT community.

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Live Out Loud Scholarships for LGBT

If you are a member of the LGBT community, you may be eligible for Live Out Loud Scholarships. These LGBT scholarships for college are lucrative financial aid.

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Colage Scholarship Program for Children of the LGBT Community

Colage scholarship for those students who have parents or guardians that are gay, lesbian, or transgender. The LGBT Scholarship program for the Gay community.

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LGBT Scholarships from CGSF

Consider these LGBT scholarships from the CGSF if your interest is on todays’ gender and sexuality issues.

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NLGJA Leroy Aarons Scholarship for LGBT

If you’re a member of the LGBT community community and plan to study journalism in college you may be interested in the NLGJA Leroy Aarons Scholarship Program.

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LGBT Scholarships and Grants from Astraea

Astraea sponsors very important LGBT scholarships and grants for individuals and other organizations that are a part of the LGBT Community for college students.

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How to Find Gay Scholarships for College

As a gay person, lesbian, bi-sexual, or transgender person, you could be eligible for gay scholarships. Included are some of the top LGBT scholarships.

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