LGBT Heart scholarship in health

LGBT Heart Scholarship

If you are an LGBT student who is pursuing at least a Master’s degree in a health profession, you could be a LGBT HEART Scholarship Program winner. This is a single year scholarship that is worth $2000, and more than one award is given each year, although the number of awards is based on the funds that are available for that year, and the funds come from donations received by the organization. The organization does state that at least two students will be awarded the LGBT scholarship annually.

LGBT HEART stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Health, Education and Research Trust. The organization operates as a 501 non-profit, and was founded in 2004. The organization was founded for the purpose of supporting the health and well being of the LGBT community.

Should you win a LGBT HEART Scholarship, you will be known as a HEART Scholar. Those who are selected are not only LGBT students that are enrolled in a Master’s or PhD program for a health profession, but they must also show financial need, and academic excellence. You must also be enrolled in an accredited college or university located in the United States, and you must be ‘out’ in the LGBT community.

Being out is incredibly important to this organization in terms of the scholarship winners, because winners must allow the organization to use their names and pictures in publications and promotional materials for LGBT HEART. You must be out not only to the LGBT community, but to the non-LGBT community as well.

The potential for winning is greatly increased if you can show that you have a commitment to the health of the LGBT community, or that you have already made contributions to the health of the community. Your past achievements play a huge role in the selection process for the LGBT HEART Scholarship, but your future plans and goals in regards to the health of the LGBT community also play a part. If you make the finals for the award, you will have to take part in a personal interview, which can be conducted via telephone.

The LGBT scholarship funds that are won can be used towards the cost of tuition, books, and fees. The funds can also be used towards personal expenses or dissertations. The funds are paid directly to the student, and not the school that they are attending. The funds are disbursed to the student twice each year, in January and again in September. The student is responsible for reporting the award to the Internal Revenue Service and the appropriate department at their school, if this is required for the student. The deadline for applying for the LGBT HEART Scholarship occurs at the end of June each year, and winners are announced in early September. This is a non-renewable gay scholarship award.