Pride scholarship

Pride Scholarships

For LGBT students looking for an easy way to apply for LGBT scholarships the Pride scholarship is just that LGBT financial aid program because you fill out one application for a chance at 50 Pride scholarships. Let’s take a closer look at their LGBT scholarships and what this organization is all about.

The Pride Foundation has become extremely important to the LGBT community. Despite the fact that they serve the states of Alaska, Montana, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington, the organization works on a national level to help improve the lives of those who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender, and to improve the image of this community as well.

Founded in 1985, the Pride Foundation came together because of a handful of people. These people strongly believed that the LGBT community required its own organization. This group of people approached the Greater Seattle Business Association for help, and got the help that was required. The reason that the group felt that the LGBT community needed its own philanthropic organization was because donations that would have otherwise gone to this community went to organizations that were more organized and sophisticated instead.

The idea behind the Pride Foundation worked, and since 1985, the organization has awarded more than $8 million in funds to support the LGBT community, and the majority of those funds have gone to education. The Pride Foundations vision is to help create a world where everyone has mutual respect, honors diversity, and equality without question. The Pride Foundation celebrates and embraces the differences in each and every human being. The Foundation believes that the best way to create this world is through education.

In order to be eligible for the Pride Scholarship Program, you must be a resident of Alaska, Washington, Montana, Idaho, and Oregon. The program offers more than 50 separate scholarships, and one application alone will put you in the running for all of the scholarships administered by the Pride Foundation that you are eligible for. The application deadline occurs on January 31st of each year.

Each of these Pride scholarships award different amounts, different numbers of LGBT scholarships, and has different rules and regulations as to how the funds are distributed and how they can be used. While your residency is a factor, different awards will be available for certain regions in the states that are covered, for students of color, for students who have LGBT parents or guardians, students who are studying in a specific field, athletic students, and more.

Most of the Pride scholarship funds can be used at any accredited school that will result in a post-secondary education or degree program. Most are also available for graduate students and undergraduate students. Students who have been cut off from friends, family, or other support because of their sexual orientation or gender identity are strongly encouraged to apply for these LGBT scholarships. For some Pride scholarships, you do not have to identify as LGBT. Instead, if you are a LGBT supporter or ally, and you contribute to the LGBT community, you may be encouraged to apply.