U of M lesbian and scholarships

University of Michigan Gay and Lesbian Scholarships

If you will be attending the University of Michigan, or you are already a student at this school, and you are lesbian or gay, you need to be aware of the University of Michigan Gay and Lesbian Alumni Society Scholarships that are available. Although these gay and lesbian scholarships do not award huge amounts of funds, they are still important, and very competitive.

The University of Michigan Gay and Lesbian Alumni Society is not the same as the University of Michigan Alumni Association. These are two separate organizations. The University of Michigan Gay and Lesbian Alumni Society was established for the purpose of creating a supportive and positive environment for LGBT students and their allies at the University of Michigan. Equally, the organization also strives to eliminate discrimination and homophobia that is directed towards the LGBT community on campus and elsewhere.

The University of Michigan Gay and Lesbian Alumni Society does not just exist for past students, it also exists for present students, faculty, and other staff at the University who are also a part of the LGBT community.

The UMGALAS offers two gay and lesbian scholarships each year. The first is the Detroit Eagle Gay Community Award, and the second is the Jim Toy Award. The Detroit Eagle Gay Community Award was created by Frank Blondale. The Jim Toy Award was created for the purpose of honoring Jim Toy for twenty four years of service to the LGBT community as one of the coordinators of the Lesbian, Gay Male and Bisexual Programs Office at the University of Michigan.

The two awards are presented twice each year – once in the fall, and once in the winter. Each award is $500, and the numbers of available awards that are given each year are dependent on the funds that are available from the endowment. The winners of the awards will have been heavily involved in activities, organizations, events, and issues that affect the LGBT community, and it seems that preference is given to support and activism in the LGB communities of color.

In order to be eligible for this gay and lesbian scholarship, you must be a full time student, and you can be a graduate or undergraduate at the University of Michigan. Your activism and participation in the LGBT community must be documented as normally does with all LGBT scholarships. You must also agree to allowing the organization to use your name, and possibly your likeness, in the media should you win the award.

Applications for the U of M lesbian and gay scholarship must be submitted by February of each year. If you meet all of the eligibility requirements, your chances of being selected as a winner will weigh heavily on your activism and the essay that you submit with your application. While other factors are important, these two factors are extremely important. Winners are notified by the end of March each year.

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