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University of Michigan Gay and Lesbian Scholarships

University of Michigan Gay and Lesbian Alumni Society Scholarships are gay and lesbian scholarships for the LGBT student who will be attending the U of M.

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The Markowski Leach Gay Scholarship Fund

The Markowski-Leach lesbian and gay Scholarship is a legacy from a gay couple. The gay scholarship program came from a bequest left by Jim Leach.

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Gay Scholarships from FFBC

A Gay Scholarships program from the First Friday Breakfast Club FFBC was created to improve the image of gay men through education.

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Colage Scholarship Program for Children of the LGBT Community

Colage scholarship for those students who have parents or guardians that are gay, lesbian, or transgender. The LGBT Scholarship program for the Gay community.

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How to Find Gay Scholarships for College

As a gay person, lesbian, bi-sexual, or transgender person, you could be eligible for gay scholarships. Included are some of the top LGBT scholarships.

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